I met Kim about 9 months after my youngest daughter was murdered.  I had spent those months in anguish, darkness, and deep spiritual questioning.  I had always though I believed in the continuance of life, and certainly “preached” that reincarnation was part of the game plan here on earth.  When confronted with my own child’s sudden and unexpected departure, I wasn’t so certain about anything anymore. 

Through a chance and unexpected opportunity I discovered Kim giving readings at a bookstore I happened to enter.  I arranged for a sitting, and told her I would like to contact my daughter.  Kim, immediately tuned into my daughters death experience (later I learned was validating information from spirit to human).  I was impressed, but not really convinced this was anything other that information she may have been getting from my thoughts.  During the sitting Kim relayed several messages to me that seemed to be direct from my daughter, or maybe just a good guess on Kim’s part.  However, Kim gave me an a piece of homework to do when I got home.  She told me that my daughter wanted me to look in her closet, and that I would find a letter from her to me, and she really wanted me to have it.  Additionally Kim relayed the message that I would find several objects during my search for the letter. 

In the evening I entered my daughter’s room I opened her closet door to find a closet packed with the treasures of her teenage life.  To this point in time, I had not been able to spend much time in her room without crumbling, and the thought of rummaging through her stuff seemed like a violation of her privacy, but I was determined to find this letter, if it existed.  I began my search through the chaos, touching her belongings and looking at these objects through tears, and each time I felt like stopping I would come across one of the objects that I was told by Kim I would find.  Suzanne had given me a treasure map to follow. 

After some time I came upon her book of artwork (a sketch pad I had given her a few months before her death).  I sat back and started looking at her creative work, page by page.  Somewhere towards the middle of the book, I turned the page to find a letter from Suzanne to me.  It simply said, “Dear Mom, I love you so much” and she signed it “your girly girl” (a term of endearment I had used throughout her childhood).   

I read the note over and over through streams of tears, and I knew in that moment that my beloved daughter was OK.  The only way Kim could have told me about this letter was through my daughter, I was unaware of it existence.

In knowing my daughter was still very much alive, and knowing that our love had not been ended, I began to heal.  

The gift that Kim brings to this world is truly a gift of light and love.  I cannot find a way to clearly express my gratitude and my gratefulness to Kim.  However, I know that she has received this message of our heart from both my daughter and myself.

So, Thank you, Kim, for all you do.

Nancie  Thorne
Bellevue, Washington
November 22, 2008