“Thank you so much for joining our party Saturday. So many things that you said were correct. Precious gifts were given throughout your readings and you surpassed my expectations. The house was a-buzz after you left. The lady with long fingernails was confirmed and yes, the only color polish she wore was red! —Geri

Welcome to the web site of Kim Miller,
an extraordinary psychic medium, whose natural ability, empathy, and sincerity makes her one of the best resources for exploring the mysteries of the "other side." On this site, you can read testimonials, listen to one of Kim's many radio appearances, and contact her for a reading or more information.

Kim has always been able to “know” things others could not, but it wasn’t until the death of her mother in 1999 that she discovered the depth of her unique talent. Through the immense grief she felt from the loss of her mom, Kim created a way to “talk” with her. With the help of her Angel “Samuel,” Kim began to communicate with people from the “Other Side.” Kim has dedicated her life to providing a way to help others overcome the grief caused by the loss of a loved one. Kim has proven time and time again that death is only a doorway to another world and life indeed does continue after what we call death.

Kim is a gifted medium, grief counselor, and an animal intuitive. She has appeared on “Northwest Afternoon,” “Martha Norwalk's Animal World,” and “Kevin MacDonald Presents.”

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“Thank you for meeting me and connecting me with my mom and son. Thank you seems like such a small thing to say, but I cannot thank you enough. I know that we will be in touch for a long time. You have helped me to start on the road to healing. When you love someone as deeply as I loved Adam, I knew that I would have to search the ends of the earth to find some resolution. You were my best birthday gift in a very long time. I will take all that you said to me and apply the lessons learned to my life.” —Victoria

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